Q1 2022 Feature Round-up

Custom registration, enhanced moderation, and a new virtual stage!

Time Flies When You’re… Shipping Features!

And like that, Q1 2022 is over! Aside from the title, I'll spare you the requisite “time flies” commentary given that we have more important things to talk about. Things like features that will make hosting and moderating events that much easier!  So sit back, buckle up, and get ready to learn about several key features launched last quarter including our new Virtual Stage 🎉

Custom Fields For Event Registration

We know that any marketer worth their weight needs more than just a registrant’s email address and name. Now, as part of the event registration workflow, admins can add custom questions to gain valuable insights and easily export data via CSV (or connect to any CRM platform via Zapier or Webhooks).

Moderation Tools

We continually get requests to add more moderation tools given the need to increase audience engagement and satisfaction. This will be an area of focus for all of 2022 BUT we're excited about the headway made in Q1. Features of note include:

  • 📝  Respond to Q&A by Text - Choose between responding to questions live or answering by text.
  • 👀  Share Poll Results - Control when & how you want to publish results to your audience.
  • 🗄 Archive Polls -  Archive and restore polls at your convenience.
  • % Hide Poll Participants - Ability to show poll results as "%" instead of a vote count.
  • 🙈  Anonymous Q&A -  Make all Q&A anonymous OR give attendees the ability to decide for themselves.

New Virtual Stage

Released in March, we're extremely excited about our new Virtual Stage. While still officially in beta, it offers the same crystal clear video quality you are accustomed to with improved usability and a host of new features that I'm thrilled to share. Three of the most talked-about include:

  • 😅  Green Room - Intended for stress-free, pre-live event preparation. Use this time to prepare slideware, work out choreography with presenters, and make sure that everyone is familiar with stage controls before going live.
  • ⌗ Layouts - Hosts now have more granular control over stage layouts including the ability to move the filmstrip position, auto-hide filmstrip during presentations, and control tile ordering when in grid view.
  • 🖥  Overlays - Our #1 most requested feature of Q1 in terms of elevating the look and feel of any event or webinar. Off the bat, you'll have the option of using our fully customizable template or uploading your own custom overlay. Check out the GIF below ⬇️

🛠  Pro Tip: Exploring the new Virtual Stage experience is as easy as doing - nothing! (you heard that correctly) Currently, all newly created events leverage the new stage. Don't worry, you can always opt-out by disabling the beta when creating or editing an event. Simply look for the toggle below under Stage Settings within the Admin Dashboard.

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