A Marketers Perfect Webinar Wishlist

As a marketer, I want the perfect video tool without blowing my entire budget. Here’s why I joined Introvoke and how I plan on using it for monthly webinars.

I’ve hosted, produced, and promoted hundreds of webinars in my career. From feature-focused to brand awareness and everything in between, they each drove leads, confirmed subject matter expertise, and took a significant amount of time to produce and promote. I love webinars.

There’s nothing more terrifying (and rewarding) than creating content that gets real-time feedback. Marketers love to use historical metrics to determine whether or not a campaign works. Still, since webinars are inherently engaging, the high that comes with interacting 1-1 with customers and prospects is exhilarating. In an on-demand world, webinars allow for two-way communication in a way that is nearly instantaneous and nearly impossible through any other channel.

I’ve used every tool under the sun, including Zoom, Vimeo, WebEx, and GoToWebinar, to bridge the content I was trying to bring to the world and the audience that wanted to consume it. Every single tool I’ve used has always come up short. There’s always a “that needs a custom integration” or a “that’s on the roadmap, but we don’t have a launch date yet” answer to every feature I requested from those platforms. Not to mention that the entire journey feels disjointed to attendees. Emails are sending traffic to the company website in order to view the recording or slides from the presentation, but the presentation itself was recorded on another piece of software.

Even before Covid and the increase in video communication, no one piece of software has been able to give me exactly what I want right out of the box. That is until I interviewed at Introvoke for the Growth Marketing Lead role and decided then and there that even if I didn’t get the job, I’d use the product in my next position. Luckily, I got the job and the software that will allow me to own the webinar experience from start to finish.

I am in awe of how perfect this tool is for myself and my peers. Here are a few ways Introvoke makes my job of hosting webinars easier.

  1. Introvoke webinars help increase organic traffic. I’m sick of working hard to build SEO and increase inbound traffic only to send my hard-earned visitors to a 3rd party site to join a webinar. Introvoke solves that problem by allowing the host to embed video directly onto a website. Frankly, that’s a game changer and a functionality that not a single other video provider has. I want to create a branded experience that allows me to dictate what’s presented to my audience and the journey I want them to take through the content I’m creating, not be at the mercy of another organization’s branding choices. With Introvoke, your branding is front and center allowing for website traffic to skyrocket.
  2. Introvoke makes networking personal. The heart and soul of every marketing interaction is to increase the connection and engagement between an organization and its audience. Everyone knows when they’re being marketed to or sold something in this day and age. No one wants that. What we want, instead, is helpfulness. We want a way to solve our problems quicker and more efficiently (and inexpensively, in a perfect world). When I host webinars, I want to bring subject matter experts with people who can benefit from their expertise. These conversations should never be too many but should instead be personal and sincere. With Introvoke’s networking hub, I can facilitate those conversations before, during, or after a live webinar. Attendees can join a networking hub to chat with other attendees, the host, or the panelists to network, ask questions or talk about life.
  3. Introvoke makes multi-channel distribution so much easier. With Introvoke, my webinar strategy can easily blend into my organic, social, and evergreen content distribution strategy. While I am hosting my audience to my own website, I can simultaneously stream my videos live to my social channels, save the recorded content for later distribution, and drive traffic to my website just by hosting the registration on my domain. It’s my best-case-marketing scenario.

If you’re reading this and thinking, “this sounds too good to be true,” I get it. It does. But there’s only one way to find out how perfectly Introvoke can integrate into your marketing strategy, and that’s by trying it for yourself. It’s free (no, really. You don’t even have to enter your credit card information).


This post was written by Patricia Diaz, Introvoke's Growth Marketing Lead

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